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The Vintage Dolls House

The Vintage Dolls House

 This is my sales blog, all items are for collectors (not toys) Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions. Priced are quoted without postage/shipping.  Just scroll down the page to see more sale items.   Many thanks, lizzie

  The 1930s and 1940s Sitting Room

1014 - 1930s handmade wooden sofa and chairs with leather upholstery, approx 1 16th scale. Height to back of sofa 6 cm. £22 the set

 1007 - a pair of 1930s German metal book ends

  marked on the base (see below) £26 the pair

481 - A set of small brass items, probably made/supplied by Barton Toys in the late 1950s/early 1960s, height of vase just under 2 cm. £8.50 the set

  530 - Little brass mantle clock, height 3 cm. £10 - reserved pending payment

 1010 - Old carved wooden Scottie dog, height to top of ears approx 4 cm. £10.50

Metal "Galleon" ship wall plate, measures 3.5 cms across. £6.50 

A late 1950s plaster fireplace. Height approx 6.5 cms. Some small chips to the plaster. £8.50

1146 - set of small brass items, probably made/supplied by Barton Toys in the late 1950s/early 1960s, height of vase just under 2 cm. £8.50 the set

  1142 - Woven red and black fringed wool rug made from old tapestry, measures approx 18 x 8 cm. £7.50 - sold

 1090 - a pair of painted wood 1950s (or possibly earlier?) German dolls house chairs, height to back of chair 5.5 cm. £22 the pair

479 - red patterned vintage rug for the dolls house, size approx 12 x 7 cm. £8.50

 Metal Taylor and Barrett fireside companion set, includes fire screen, coal bucket and poker and shovel on a stand. Height of fire screen 4.5 cm. £32 the set

  1930s Deco style wooden red and green sofa and chair. Height to back of sofa 5 cms. £16 the pair - reserved

  1930s German metal Art Deco mantle clock, height 2.5 cms. £25.00

 1038 - lovely old soft dolls house rug, size approx 17 x 8 cm. £18 - reserved pending payment

  1920s/30s painted cast metal T and B fire and hearth, height 7.5 cm. Some paint loss, but general condition for one of these is fair/good. £42

Old scrap of furnishing fabric which is ideal for use in a vintage dolls house, size 23 x 19 cm. £5

1021 - American Strombecker vintage painted wooden dolls house sofa and chair, height to back of sofa just under 5 cm. £28

  1960s small metal Whitbread tankard, just over 1.5 cm high £4.50 - reserved

1043 - 1930s Firescreen, possibly Pit-a-Pat, but has a replacement cut-out image and no square sticker on the back (see below) £16.50

1013 - Barton Toys wooden hall-stand with opening drawer and doors, probably dating from the late 1940s/early 1950s. Height 10 cm. £16.50

 11 - 1930s shape wooden mantle clock, possible American. £12

1930s wooden Pit-a-Pat Fireplace with metal grate. Height 8 cm, width 11.5 cm. £26

  Pair of metal and brass fire dogs, with the words Clare Bell Brass underneath (obviously the maker). Height approx 3.5 cms. £8.50 the pair

521 -   Little blue patterned old dolls house rug, approx 9 x 5 cms. 8.50

  1950s/early 1960s Barton Tudor wooden dolls house chair, height to top 8 cm. This range of furniture works well in Triang houses of an earlier date (eg 1930s) £18

zz 20  1950's/1960's painted wooden fireplace. Height just under 7 cm. £6.50

  The Vintage Dolls House Bedroom

  Typical 1930s bedroom set, wardrobe lower hinge needs fixing, comes with set of later handmade bedding. Length of bed 16 cm, height of wardrobe just over 14 cm. £20 the set

 FGT and sons gas fire, height just over 6 cm Super item for the older style dolls house bedroom. £22.50 - sold

 1930s short pile sofa fabric (also known as cut moquette), great in period dolls houses for sitting rooms or bedrooms - measures 40 x 42 cm £15

FGT and sons painted metal dolls house heater with red flex, height just under 3 cm . £16.50

12 - American Vintage painted wood Art Deco style dressing table and matching stool. £24

 865 Lovely old ditsy print quilt scrap suitable for dolls house bedding. Size approx 13 x 10 cm. £5 - sold

25 - Tiny flock covered bear for the dolls house, under 2 cm high. £8.50 - reserved pending payment

Wardrobe 1950s/60s. probably Twiggs, height 9.5 cm. £8.50

64 - little log cabin design quilt scrap, size 10 x 11 cm £8.50 - reserved pending payment

   1950's dark wood Doltoi bedroom cupboard. Height approx 7.5 cm. £8.50

  Metal Crucifix from France, a nice feature on the bedroom wall in old dolls houses. approx 4.5 cm in height. £4.50

 Pair of pretty handmade paisley cushions for the dolls house. Approx 4 x 4 cm. £4.50 the pair

 1023 lovely old late 19th Century quilt scrap, size approx 16 x 9 cm, both sides shown above and below £8.50 - reserved pending payment

 95  - Religious metal pendant from France, these are suitable for hanging on the wall in vintage dolls houses. Reverse Lourdes scene on the back. Approx 3 cm tall. £4.50

  869 lovely old scrap of quilt fabric, showing both sides above and below - suitable for dolls house bedding. Size approx 10 x 10 cm. £6 - reserved pending payment

1930s/1940s wooden bedroom suite

 Bed, dressing table, stool and wardrobe (above) Height of wardrobe 12.5 cm. Some wear/damage to the end of the bed (see above) £20 the set

Comes with chest of drawers, which is sadly missing a drawer (above)

 Length of old printed velvet, lovely muted colours perfect for dolls house carpets (detail below) Size approx 30 x 14 cm £8.50 - reserved

  Small china basket from France. Height just over 2 cms. Makers mark on base (below) £8.50

  Useful little lace mat, 4.5 x 4.5 cm. £2.50 - reserved

B 39 Lace edged pillow £3.50

 828 small metal companion fireside set for the bedroom fireplace  £12

  A small bisque figure - approx 3.5 cm tall. £4.50 (mark on base below) - reserved

 Stained wood chest of drawers, possibly by Twiggs? Height 5.5 cm. £8.50

  Vintage china Limoges candle stick for the dolls house, height approx 2 cm. £10.50

509  - A quirky little small scale glass dressing table, missing its back mirror, but still charming. Japanese figures and plant attached. £15.50

The 1950's/1960s Dolls House Nursery

 1017 1950s baby blue Dol toi wardrobe, height 10 cm. Missing internal mirror (see below) £14

Yellow painted wood Dol toi cot. £8.50

 Pale pink painted wooden high chair. £8.50

 Small painted wooden German baby in red pram, £12 - reserved

  704 - small wooden rabbit in painted wooden green pram, length approx 5 cm including handle £15 - reserved

531 - little framed blackboard/slate for the dolls house nursery £8.50 - reserved pending payment

1057 - small ceramic house, suitable as a dolls house in the nursery, height 3 cm. £10.50

Old cross stitch suitable as dolls house carpet, size approx 23 x 17 cm £8.50

 1950s/1960s Dol Toi painted wooden desk. Height 6.5 cm. £12

703 - cute pipe cleaner dog, height approx 4 cm. £8.50

  Painted wooden toy train, showing both sides here. Length approx 4.5 cm. £8.50

 A small plastic doll figure holding a dog, approx 5 cm tall. £5.50

707 - toy pipe cleaner rabbit, height 6 cm . £8.50

69 - little pair of floral vintage dolls house curtains with pelmet/frill, length of curtains 9 cm. £6.50 

   F 244 A sweet little old painted pink and green wooden chair suitable for the dolls house nursery or a child's bedroom, height to back of chair 6.5 cm. £8.50

  1009 Tiny vintage flocked toy dog, unsure of the date or maker, but probably 1950s/1960s. Height approx 2.5 cm. £8.50 - sold

60 - small pale blue painted wooden stool, probably 1950s American. £8.50

65 - old quilt scrap suitable to use in dolls houses . size 14 x 7 cm. £4.50 - reserved pending payment

  63 - pale blue vintage American dolls house wall cupboard - non opening, but effective in the dolls house nursery or bathroom.  Some wear to the "mirror" front £8.50 - sold

 Grecon boy doll,  (no label) approx 6 cm tall £12

 Length of printed cotton tape, suitable for decorating a dolls house nursery. (makes a great border)
 95 x just under 2 cm. £12

 1960s Dol toi blackboard, height approx 6 cm. £6.50

 Stained wood rocking chair, suitable for the bedroom or nursery. Height just under 6 cm. £4.50

484 - small rug made from old woven fabric, perfect for the vintage dolls house. Size approx 11 x 9 cm. £6.50

 1071 - very cute old painted wooden duck, height approx 2 cm. £8.50

 Small 1960s plastic doll and bath £4

Early 20th Century Erzgebirge painted wooden house with blue line decoration £6.50

  Female Grecon doll with label, face faded/playworn condition, height approx 6 cm. £12

 Small painted wood Dol toi crib, possibly overpainted/played with condition. £4.50

B 37 Lovely old hand made bedroom chair, made from pins, string and fabric 8.50

33 - tiny little flocked panda. perfect in the vintage dolls house nursery, height less than 2 cm. £9.50 - reserved pending payment

Pair of 1950s Dol toi flowers in pots £4.50 the pair - reserved

Time for Tea

Selection of teatime plaster biscuits on a plate (fixed not loose) , Kaybot 1950s. £20 

Painted vintage yellow metal tea set, height of teapot 3 cm. £28 the set - reserved

Yellow and orange patterned ceramic coffee set for the dolls house, height of coffee pot approx 3.5 cm. £35

Pretty vintage china tea set, marked Foreign on the base, missing teapot lid and only one cup. Length of tray 8.5 cm £10.50

705  1960s spotty wooden dolls house tea set £10.50

Early 20th Century painted turned wood tea set. Ochre coloured background with naive painted flower decoration. Height of tea pot approx 3 cm. Some paint loss, no sugar bowl lid and one cup is missing its handle. £38

 A  set of 4 old soft metal cups and saucers (close up below) larger scale. £10 the set of 4

 26 - Vintage American StromBecker wooden tea trolley, perfect in a 1930s dolls house. £22.50

 1067 - 1950's/60s blue painted metal Dol toi teapot, some paint loss/wear as seen in these photos, but still a charming item. Height approx 2.5 cm. £6.50

1145 - set of old brass tea ware for the dolls house, probably Barton Toys late 1950s/early 1960s. Plate measures just under 2 cm across. £8.50 the set

The 1950s/1960s kitchen

A Twiggs 1960s blue painted kitchen cupboard with fixed drawers, but opening doors and curved end shelves. Height just under 6 cm £18

 Painted wooden Dol toi kitchen sink unit with plastic taps opening doors, height 6 cm. £8.50

 Early Dol toi ( 1940s) painted wood kitchen cabinet, height 6.5 cms, length 10 cms. £18 - sold

B 21 Handmade tart £2.50

 B 26 small metal dish with ?fimo food £4.50

 1960s Triang spot-on moulded plastic food on plates.length of oval plate with fish on approx 3.5 cm. £8.50 the pair

 1006 - 1960s Triang Spot on twin tub, both lids are loose on top but will sit in position. Height just over 5 cm £10.50 - reserved

109 - 1960s metal dustbin

  - some "realistic" scratches, played with condition £8.50

 83 - A  charming little painted yellow and black metal iron, perfect for the 1950s/60s dolls house £8.50

 1044 - 1960s  English metal and plastic pop-up toaster (missing the toast)  £8.50

 A 1960s Barton red and white painted wooden kitchen dresser with sliding doors and opening drawers. Height just over 10 cm £10

F 277  1960s  moulded plastic plate of food. £8.50

 F 279 Barton Toys wooden radio, perfect for the late 1950s/early 1960s dolls house. £10.50

F 275 set of 3 Doltoi cups and saucers. £4.50

F 276 Playworn but charming pale blue 1950s/60s painted metal Dol toi teaset (missing one cup and saucer) £10.50

F 239 Painted yellow wooden dolls house iron, approx 3 cm long, probably made by Dol toi. £8.50

 F 278 -   1950s/60's metal kitchen bin with pedal opening mechanism. Height approx 3 cm. £8.50

 1055 - painted metal Taylor and Barrett 1950s cat basket. length approx 3 cm. £6.50

  Basic painted wood 1950s/60s dolls house fridge with opening door, paintwork a bit scruffy. Height 6.5 cm. £3.50

 F 272 a pair of blue Doltoi cups and plates £4.50

A Taylor and Barrett metal cooker, perfect for any dolls house dating from the 1930's to the late 1950s. Height 10 cm . £26 

Set of red and cream plastic 1960s dolls house kettle and pans. £5.50 the lot

A 1960s Twiggs painted wooden kitchen table with a faux Formica surface. Height approx 5 cm. £15 - sold

 1960s painted wooden kitchen dresser with red sliding plastic doors, height 10 cm. £8.50

  1950's/1960s "BNE" cream painted wooden dolls house cooker with lift-down doors. Total height 8 cm. Pivot nail sticking out on one side (see above) £8.50

1950s/1960s painted wooden "Frigidaire" refrigerator, height 7 cm, some wear/damage, £3.50

  1960s moulded plastic food on plates, measures just over 2 cm across. £8.50 for 3

1960s silver coloured plastic coffee set with tray. Coffee pot just over 2 cm high. £3.50 the set

 1015 -  1960s Dolly Darlings "Tea Time" dolls house doll, height 11 cm £15

 1960s Barretts mint in box toaster and toast £14 - sold

1960s Barton wooden kitchen table with red top. Height approx 4 cm. £6.50

  1950s tinplate, Brimtoy "My Dollys Kitchen" tin plate range cooker with plastic doors, total height 6 cm, width 8.5 cm. £15.00

 Wooden dolls house cutlery tray. 4 cm long. £4.50

 Pink metal Doltoi 1960s pink painted metal plates and wooden plate rack, each plate measures just under 1.5 cm across. £12.50

   1960s playworn Doltoi metal teaset (could be repainted) £5.50

 1069- A small scale 1960s Dol toi wooden cutlery tray, length 3 cm. £6.50

   Early 1960s wooden kitchen table with formica top. Functioning drawer, but possibly not original to the piece. Height of table just over 4 cm. £8.50

 Brimtoy 1950s My Dolly's Kitchen tin plate fridge with opening plastic door. Height 5.5 cm. £10

 Pair of old Dol toi painted metal pans form the 1950s/60s. Both measure approx 3.5 cm in length. £4.50 the pair

1950s/1960s painted wooden Twiggs cooker, with opening door. Total height 8 cm. £12

F 273 set of 6 pale blue Doltoi dolls house plates £6.50

 Brimtoy 1950s My Dolly's Kitchen tin plate dolls house dresser with sliding doors. Height just under 10 cms. £18 ( wooden teaset NOT included as now sold)

1970s Kitchen and Dining Room

 Caroline's Home cooker. Height 8 cm New/clean condition. £8.50

106 set of silver coloured plastic pans and kettle, late 1970s Barton/Caroline's Home £4.50 the set

 Caroline's Home Electrolux vacuum cleaner, height just over 7 cm. £8.50. Condition very good/mint - reserved

 153 - Barton Toys, Caroline's Home dolls house cutlery, cups, plates etc in original packaging £22

 152 - Barton Toys, Caroline's Home dolls house pans in original packaging £15

  Caroline's Home larder cupboard, height just over 13 cm. £8.50

 1970s rubber/latex doll with original clothes. Height approx 10 cms. £5.50

A pair of Caroline's Home kitchen cupboards, height just over 13 cm. One drawer knob missing, otherwise good clean condition. £10 the pair

1960s dolls house  teaset of silver coloured plastic, length of teapot from handle to spout is approx 3 cm to give an idea of scale. £4.50 the set

 Barton/Caroline's Home fridge and contents in new/mint condition. £10

 1960s Triang  Jenny's Home dolls house doll, height just under 11 cm £15

 Caroline's home washing machine, new/mint condition. £8.50

German  vintage Caco male dolls house doll with original clothes, height approx 14 cm. £16.50

Collection of 1960s/70s plastic dolls house glasses, dishes etc, some damage. £4.50 the lot

507 -  set of 1960s plastic kitchen items. £4.50 the lot 

Caco female dolls house doll circa 1970s, 13 cm high. £16.50 - reserved

 1970s/80's Caroline's Home white metal accessories. Height of candle stick 2 cm. £4.50 for the 3 items

   Caroline's Home plastic dining room set, some white marks on the side of 2 of the chairs (have been stored away for many years) could be disguised with brown felt pen or paint.... £10 the set

Sitting Room

59 - Vintage 1970s Lundby sideboard, height 6 cm. £18

Fab late 1950s/early 1960s red rexine covered sofa, length 15 cms, height 6 cms. £16

   1960s Barton Radiogram. Height just over 5 cm. £8.50

Vintage 1970s plastic framed ballerina picture, Lundby  made in Sweden. approx 4 x 3 cm. £10

 1960s wooden tile-effect fireplace. Height 5.5 cm £5.50

156 - Barton Toys, Caroline's Home dolls house pictures in original packaging

 some damage to the internal paper - see above £22 - reserved pending payment

1960s Barton wooden mantel clock with paper face, height just under 2 cm £4.50

 Vintage Lundby dolls house lamp, height 5 cm. Has wiring and bulb, but not been tested. £10

 Barretts 1960s mint in box fish tank. Height of fish tank 1.5 cm. £12.50 - reserved

   849 - 1970s Folk Toys dolls house settle, height just over 7 cm £10

 154 - 1970s/80s  Barton Toys, Caroline's Home dolls house pictures in original packaging £28

 151 - Barton Toys, Caroline's Home dolls house wiring kit in original packaging £6.50 - reserved

The Dolls House Bathroom

  Late 1950s/early 1960s pink painted wooden bathroom set. Length of bath approx 11 cm. £18 the set

 1930s Fairylite painted metal bathroom sink - height just over 6 cms to the top of the splash-back £8.50 - reserved

1930's Art Deco Dolls house items

   1930s Jacqueline  Deco style metal sofa and matching table and sideboard, length of table 11.5 cm £20 for the two items

1930s metal table with pale green top, height 5.5 cm. £6.50

 Metal litho print chair with roses, height just under 8 cm. £8.50 - reserved

 1930s  "Holdfast" set of metal dining room furniture, two of the chairs are missing their curved backs (see below) and there is wear to the paint finish. Height of table just under 6 cm. £22 the set

1960s Triang Spot-on and Jenny's Home items

1960s Triang/Jenny's Home plastic bookcase with metal stand, sliding doors and faux books. Height 6 cm. £8.50

Hard to find mid 1960s Triang wooden bedroom furniture in need of repairs and restoration. Bed is missing 2 legs, the stool is missing one leg, wardrobe doors are wobbly/broken. £5 the lot

1960s Spot-on standard lamp (non working) Height 10 cm. £8.50


547- handmade pleated curtains and pelmet, length of curtains just over 8 cm. £4.50

97 - 1960s plastic flower in woven gold basket basket £4.50