Monday, 10 September 2018

Dolls house, toys etc.... destash!

Welcome to my sales blog, just scroll down the page to see the latest listings.Please email me at if you have any questions and interested in buying. Prices shown, plus postage. Please note that these are collectors items, not toys. If an item is marked as sold, please email in case I have a similar/same item for sale. Many thanks, Lizzie

Suitable items for the old Dolls House Kitchen

  A very old metal fireplace for a dolls house, the front of the grate has come away slightly on the left side (see above) but is fine when in-situ. Height just over 8 cms, width 11 cms at the widest point. £28

Small wooden footstool, height 2.5 cms. £6.50

A tin kitchen range within 3 walls. Height 12 cms, width 20 cms, depth approx 9 cms. Very worn and need of restoration and repair. £18 

 Kitchen rug, made from old woven fabric. Perfect in the older dolls house. Measures 12.5 x just over 9 cm. £8.50

  1930s Triang dolls house cooker, non opening, and paintwork is a little scuffed and worn, but these are very hard to find. Height just over 11 cm £45

Textiles and Treasures

  F 69 small piece of very fine faded floral fabric.  Detail below. Size approx 19 x 38 cm. £14

 F 81 small vintage millinery flower £5 - reserved

F 82 Very small pink millinery flower £2.50 (above) reserved

F 83 small bunch of white millinery flowers (above)  £4

  I found another set of these wonderful old traditional fairy story cut-out figures, with their card stands. The Prince Charming figure on the left (above) is 11 cm to give an idea of scale. 8 figures in total. £16. 50 the lot

  Old small bisque dove from France, small chip on the tail. Length approx 7 cm. £4.50

Lovely old St Therese painted pottery religious figure from France, some chips to paint and wear to the base. Height approx 16 cm. £25

 An old plain white religious figure from France. Some wear, but still a charming item. Height approx 12 cm. £16

  Plain white standing religious figure holding a crucifix and faded roses, some wear and a chip out of the base compatible with age. Height just over 17 cm. £16

Tiny little moulded plastic dove - wingspan approx 2.5 cm £2.50

  Little French decoupage rose, height just under 9 cm, dated on the back 1886 (see below) £8.50

F 205   The sweetest little scrap of old quilt fabric, perfect for the dolls house. measures approx 5 x 6 cm. £4

A small length of lovely old metallic lace from France £6

  Beautiful old double sided painted compressed wood animals and birds. F 86 Peacock. £15 - reserved

  F 88 Cockerel £10 - reserved

  F89 stork £15 - reserved

 F90 old painted wooden duck, slightly worn/damaged £5

F 91 Old compressed wood squirrel. £10

  F92 little yellow chick, some paint loss, but still charming. £8.50 - resrved

 F 93 compressed wood turkey, £15 - reserved

 F 94 Orange and white bird £10 - reserved

 F95 Penguin £10

  Bunch of fabric leaves from France with original label, each leaf approx 5 cm long. £10

F 84 -  3 silvery millinery leaves, £3 - reserved

 F 85  a small pink millinery flower, £2.50 - reserved pending

  F 86 Lovely old decoupage lilac. £4

 Old paste butterfly with some stone loss £5 - reserved

 no fastening on the back

  Zoffany Story Book wallpaper border decoration, enough for small projects, lining boxes, small cupboards etc. Each length is 13 x 68 cm. There are 2 lengths to complete the alphabet. I think these date from around the 1980s. £10 for the 2 lengths. - reserved

  1923 French pocket calendar, measures approx 6 x 5 cm, quite worn (compatible with age) £5.50

 Tiny French book, 127 pages. Measures  approx 2.5 x 3 cm. £5.50 - sold

 F 80..Small piece of 19th Century French  Indienne cotton (detail above) measures approx 32 x 22 cm. £12 - reserved pending payment

  F 78 Fine cotton faded floral, probably French.size approx 33 x 32 cm £12

  Metal Crucifix from France, approx 4.5 cm in height. £4.50

  F 71 pretty rose patterned fabric, would make a lovely little carpet in an old dolls house. Size approx 14 x 22 cm. £8.50

  F 76 Old faded printed cotton, detail below. Size 33 x 21 cm. £14

F97 a pair of small millinery flowers £3 - reserved

 F99 small bunch dark pink flowers £5

 F100 small velvet leaf £2.50

 F 101 Small bunch of millinery flowers £3.50

 F 103 tiny little flower £2 - reserved

  A small painted religious plaster figure from France, some chips to the paint, "as found" condition. Height 16 cm. £18

 Four old brass candlesticks, the tallest is 3.5 cm. £8.50 for the 4

  Number 5, green paper vintage paper Christmas decoration in the shape of a lantern some creases to paper edges compatible with age £12

Small 1950s Wade ceramic pixie with acorn, approx 4 cm tall. £12

 F 105 Small ceramic pixie/gnome figure with green hat £8.50

F 107  Small pixie/gnome figure with yellow hat £8.50

 F 108 small pixie/gnome figure with pale blue hat £8.50

F 109 small pixie/gnome figure with white hat £8.50

 Lovely old Swedish painted wooden Dala horse, height just over 13 cm. Some paint loss/damage to left side (see below) £25 - reserved pending payment

 F 74, small piece blue floral fine printed cotton, measures approx 25 x 17 cm. £6

 F 68, a length of 1930s cotton eiderdown fabric (detail of design below) size- approx 46 x 20 cm (with stitch line - see image above) £10 - reserved

F 75  Apron shaped piece of fine printed floral cotton, with 2 pockets (see above) possibly Liberty? size 52 x 38 x 66 cm - uneven apron shape! £12

  An unusual small old wooden box from France, decorated with paper, stamps and red sealing wax. Height 3 cm, width 7 cm and depth just under 5 cm. £22 - sold

  Opens to reveal a plain wood interior. Base of box (see image below)

Small Brush Xmas tree (against a ruler) approx 7 cm high. £8.50 - reserved pending payment

  Small French verse on printed cotton, size approx 3 x 2.5 cm. £8.50

 Long strand of twisted small scale foil decoration. £8.50 - sold

  F 77 Lovely old fine floral patterned cotton, detail of print below. Size approx 27 x 20 cm. £14

  Pair of small handmade felt mitts, could be made into a brooch or  used as doll oven gloves, length approx 3.5 cm. £3 the pair

 F 79 - small piece lovely old faded pink and white eiderdown fabric (with row of stitching down the centre) Size 35 x 24 cm £10

Vintage red log cabin plaster Xmas cake decoration, height 5 cm. Rear view (below) £10

 Old decoupage cut outs of European (?German) Father Christmas with red hood, size approx 9 x 6 cm £3.50

  Old decoupage cut outs of European (?German) Father Christmas with blue hood, size approx 9 x 7 cm £3.50

 Headless old china chef figure, height approx 4 cm. £4.50

 Old broken baby head, approx 4 cm high. £5

  Two views of this old crazed ceramic head, height approx 4 cm. £6.50

  Two views of old china head (wearing a hat). Height approx 4 cm. £6.50

 small china figure of a boy with flowers and dogs, height just under 8 cm. £6.50

  Kneeling vintage figure of Mary from France, height just under 10 cm. £8.50

 Cream coloured standing figure of Mary from France, height 13 cm. £12

  Vintage plaster Xmas cake decoration in the shape of a house with a red sloping roof. Height 5 cm. £10

Very old and worn Christmas snow baby, height approx 4 cm. £3.50

  Pair of old metal moulds from France in the form of walnut shells, measure approx 4 cm in length. £8.50 the pair

  A small 19th Century china doll head, height 2.5 cm. £10

1970s Folk Toys dolls house settle, height just over 7 cm £15

  Early 20th Century cat on a chair, height just under 6 cm. £10.50

 Seated bisque dog/pug, ?match holder. Height 5.5 cm. £8.50

 1940s French painted plaster wedding cake couple, height of groom just under 8 cm. £30 the pair - reserved pending payment

  Miss Pepper, height 9 cm, probably 1930s. £10

Reclining pottery figure, damaged/as seen. Length approx 6 cm. £4.50

  Very old and much loved/read little book called The Golden Door. Very tatty and worn and held together by string, but absolutely charming. Measures approx 6 x 6 cm. £8.50

Tiny perfume bottle with original box, Gardenia by Goya... height of bottle 3.5 cm. ?1950s. £4.50

 Little silver plastic wedding cake decoration, probably early 1960s. Length approx 3.5 cm. £5.50

Similar seated small lamb, but with considerable knocks/damage £3.50 - sold

 Pair of cheeky snowmen vintage plastic xmas decorations (one non-smoker) - missing his pipe! Height approx 10 cm. £4.50 the pair

Old, tatty but charming old book called Hide away house, measures approx 6 x 6 cm. Very loved and damaged. £4

  Old butterfly (not sure what this came from ? jewellery) front and back views £3.50

  Late 1940s yellow plastic swan, height 11 cms. Small dent on one side (see above) £7.50

  Vintage plaster cake decoration in the form of a thatched mill house, height approx 3 cm. £5.50

Tiny perfume bottle and box, pink Mimosa by Goya, height of bottle 3.5 cm. £4.50

 A Vintage French ceramic figure of a cow and her young, height  6 cm. £5

  Vintage Xmas angel from France, height approx 5 cm. £8.50

 Little round thatched house, height approx 4 cm. £10

Old china dog in begging pose, height 10 cm. £12

F 106 Small vintage ceramic pixie with red hat £8.50

Old homemade fretwork kangaroo. height just under 10 cms. £12

  Old homemade fretwork camel, height just under 9 cms. £12

Old handmade fretwork giraffe, height just under 18 cm. £12

  Headless old bisque china figure with tennis racket, height approx 7.5 cm. £8.50

  China seated half figure in boat, just over 9 cm long. £7.50

 Headless old bisque china figure with cricket bat, height 6 cm. £8.50

  Headless boxing figure number one, 6 cm tall. £8.50

Tweedledee and Tweedledum pottery/china twin headless figures, height 4.5 cm. £8.50

Headless boxing figure number  two, height  approx 6 cm. £8.50

Little early 20th Century Erzgebirge painted wooden 3 storey house, just under 6 cms high. £5

Doll size mirror, brush and comb set, length of mirror 10.5 cm. £16 the set

  1930s Japanese pink ceramic bedroom furniture, length of bed just over 6 cm. £16 the set

  1940s " Make do and Mend" toy felt rabbit, height approx 10 cm. £14

 Small white painted metal duck, as seen. Height approx 2 cms. £6.50

Decoupage chickens, sheet measures approx 12 x  8 cms. £3.50

  Beautiful old wooden doll with a brolly, height approx 11 cms. Sadly just a little too tall for the house I wanted to put her in ! £14.50

 Little carved Scottie dog, suitable for a dolls house, height approx 3.5 cm. £10 - sold

Small vintage plastic figure of a child holding a puppy, height 5cm. £8.50

Hand embroidered cockerel onto silk, just 5 x 5 cm square, perfect for a dolls house or similar project. £3.50

 Painted cut-out wooden figure of a boy, height approx 6 m. £8.50

 A most unusual 1940s Canadian Red Cross "walking" doll figure, height 11 cms £38. Reserved

 F 72 small piece very fine floral cotton, possibly feedsack. Size approx 14 x 20 cm. £5 - reserved

  Old felt tea cosy with appliqué rabbits on both sides, some wear/small moth holes so not perfect. £20

  Tiny baby Jesus French feve, length approx 1.5 cm. £3.50 - reserved

Ceramic doll head, late 19th Century. height 4 cm. £16

  Vintage dolly skirt, length from waistline to hem approx 11 cms. £8.50

  Old printed tin trio (cup, saucer and plate) Cup height approx 2.5 cms, Saucer measures 6.5 cms across. Some dents/wear compatible with age. £8.50 for the 3 items

 Wooden toy, height approx 9 cms. £5

  Small early 20th Century plastic figure of a girl on a weighted base. Height 8 cm. £12

 Six old Toadstool decorations, ?1950s/1960s/ Two are missing their wire stems. The largest is 3 cm tall. £10 the lot

 These are lovely old millinery flowers, as you can see they do have little areas of wear/damage...

  Flower number 2, just under 3 cm across. £3 - reserved pending payment

  Flower number 3, approx 3 cm across. £3

  Flower number 4, missing centre, 3 cm across. £3 - reserved pending payment

  Flower number 5, just over 3 cm across. £3 - reserved pending payment

  Flower number 6, approx 4 cm across. £4 - reserved pending payment

 Flower number 7, under 2 cm across. £2 - sold

More vintage millinery flowers....

  F 3 gold coloured flower £3

 F 6 (below) £3.50

 F12 pink velvet flower £3.50

F 14 larger pink flower £4 - reserved

F 15 white flower £3.50 - reserved

 F17 Pale pink flower (below) £3.50

 F19 Bright pink flower £3.50

 F28 off - white flower with red centre £3.50

F 30 pale blue/grey flower (below) £3

 F 32 small bunch white flowers £3.50

  F 34 pale pink flower £3.50

  F 35 pale blue flower on stem £3.50

F42 3 flower components £2

  F51 very small water colour of Primroses from France £8.50

 F 52 small French watercolour of poppies. £8.50

  F 53 Small watercolour from France. £8.50

  F 54 slightly larger French water colour of pansies, £12

F 57 Old French watercolour of flowers £8.50

F 58 small pale pink flower £3.50

F 59 Old hand painted millinery leaf, length 7 cm. £2.50 - reserved

  F 60 small white millinery flower, £3.50

   F 61 (a) Small white velvet millinery flower, approx 3 cm across £4 - reserved

 F 62 Black flower £3

 F 65 vintage millinery leaf £2.50 - reserved

F 66 pale coloured millinery flower £3.50

  F 67 Old hand painted millinery leaf £2.50 - reserved

F 68 larger pink millinery flower. £4.50

F 70. Small blue/grey flower £2.50

Small bunch of colourful old fabric and velvet millinery flowers, each flower measures approx 5 cm across. £8.50

Christmas related items

  Stunning box of vintage Christmas baubles £25 - UK Postage only

F115 a collection of small green and white beads on wire £8.50

F 1 The last of these small scale foil twist decorations, some are a little crushed, so reduced to £3.50 for the lot

  Vintage plaster vintage cake decoration in the form of a church with a red roof. height 3 cm. £8.50

 Japanese style house vintage cake decoration, height just over 4 cm. £6.50

 Old plaster dog decoration

  small chip at top of head - see above. Rear view below. Height approx 5.5 cm. £4.50

 Pair of vintage bristle trees for a Xmas cake, height approx 6 cm. £8.50 the pair

x 10 green beads on wire suitable for Christmas projects £8.50

  Vintage plaster cake decoration of a house with trees either side. Height approx 5 cm. £10 (rear view below) - sold

 12 small Vintage Xmas baubles, approx 2 cm high including loop. £10

  Number 1. Small green vintage paper Christmas decoration in the shape of a lantern, some creases to paper edges compatible with age. £8.50

  Number 2, blue paper vintage paper Christmas decoration in the shape of a lantern (slightly larger than the one above) some creases to paper edges compatible with age £12 - sold

  Number 3, yellow paper vintage paper Christmas decoration in the shape of a lantern (slightly larger than number 1 above) some creases to paper edges compatible with age £12 - sold

   Number 4, pink paper vintage paper Christmas decoration in the shape of a lantern (slightly larger than number 1 above) some creases to paper edges compatible with age £12 - sold

Three small vintage Xmas trees to go on a cake, height approx 4.5 cm. £8.50 for the 3

 Kneeling King, painted plaster, some paint loss to robe. Height approx 9 cms. £6.50

  Small wooden Rosary from France, the cross is 4 cms in length. £8.50

Vintage Xmas tree in a red pot, this is an old item, so does have a few crushed branches and not perfect. Height 14 cms. £10 - sold

  Circle of old glass prism/droplets, measures approx 25 cms end to end - £3.50

  Tiny French feve cow. Measures approx 2 cms long. £4.50

  Two glass droplets, one 6 cms long, the other 7 cms long. £3.50 pair

 Length of glass crystal/prisms, measures approx 27 cms end to end. £3

  Composition kneeling figure, height 5.5 cms. £4.50

Wash Day Blues

Old wood and metal washboard, height just over 5 cms. (rear view below) £12

Metal yellow painted dolls house iron, just under 3 cms long. £8.50

  Vintage painted metal folding dolls house ironing board. Height approx 7 cms, length 15 cms. £24

  Early 20th Century cast metal mangle for the dolls house. Height approx 8 cm. Slight damage to the red pivot, see below. £68

  The Dolls House Kitchen

 Early Dol toi (?late 1950s) painted wood kitchen cabinet, height 6.5 cms, length 10 cms. £18

1950s/1960s painted wooden Twiggs cooker, with opening door. Total height 8 cms. £12

 1960s painted wooden kitchen dresser with sliding doors and opening drawers. Height just over 10 cms £10

  1950s tinplate, Brimtoy "My Dollys Kitchen" tin plate range cooker with plastic doors,total height 6 cms, width 8.5 cms. £15.00

  Basic painted wood 1950s/60s dolls house fridge with opening door, paintwork a bit scruffy. Height 6.5 cms. £4.50

1950s/1960s painted wooden "Frigidaire" refrigerator, height 7 cms, some wear/damage, so just £4.50

  Painted wooden Dol toi kitchen sink unit with plastic taps opening doors, height 6 cms. £8.50

 Twiggs 1960s blue painted kitchen cupboard with fixed drawers, but opening doors. Height just under 6 cms £20

 1960s Twiggs painted wooden kitchen table with a faux Formica surface. Height approx 5 cms. £15

  1960s painted wooden kitchen dresser with red sliding plastic doors, height 10 cms. £8.50

 1960s Barton wooden kitchen table with red top. Height approx 4 cms. £6.50

1950s/60's metal kitchen bin with pedal opening mechanism. Height approx 3 cms. £10.50

Taylor and Barrett metal cooker, perfect for a 30's, 40's and 50's dolls house. Height 10 cms . £26 

   1950's/1960s "BNE" cream painted wooden dolls house cooker with lift-down doors. Total height 8 cms. Pivot nail sticking out on one side (see above) £10.50

 B and S metal and plastic carpet sweeper. Height 8.5 cms. £10.50

 Brimtoy 1950s My Dolly's Kitchen tin plate dolls house dresser with sliding doors. Height just under 10 cms. £18

  Early 1960s wooden kitchen table with formica top. Functioning drawer, but possibly not original to the piece. Height of table just over 4 cms. £10

  Brimtoy 1950s My Dolly's Kitchen tin plate fridge with opening plastic door. Height 5.5 cms. £10

 The Older Dolls House Kitchen

 Old painted wooden table for the dolls house, green/blue colour. Height 5 cm. £10

  Lovely old pottery jug (showing both sides). Height just under 2 cm. £10

  Old printed tin jug (larger scale) with the words Made in Great Britain on the side. Height 5cms. £12

  Set of large scale fire irons, length of shovel 9 cms. £4.50 the pair

  Old pottery two-handled vase, some damage (see below) Height just under 5 cm. £6.50

 Larger scale white china jug, late 19th/early 20th Century. Height approx 3.5 cms. £5.50 - reserved

  Larger scale metal pan, total length just under 7 cm. Base 3 cm. £5.50

Unusual old metal wall hanging item for the dolls house. Height 5.5 cms. £5.50

 Old painted wooden jug, height 2.5 cms. £4.50

China gravy boat with silver leaf pattern, length just under 4 cms. £4.50

Yellow and orange patterned ceramic coffee set for the dollshouse, height of coffee pot approx 3.5 cm. £35

  Large scale old metal bucket, image below to show condition, height excluding handle just under 5 cms. £18

Lovely old Ironstone china jug, height just under 3 cms. £5.50

Metal claret jug (missing its glass centre). Height approx 7 cms. £8.50

 1920s/1930s metal and wood carpet sweeper. Height approx 10 cm. £48

 Lovely old glass soda siphon for the older dolls house. Height just over 5 cms. £6.50

  Pretty china jug decorated with roses, height just over 2.5 cms. £6.50

  Old tin, great for the older large scale dolls house. Height 5 cms. £8.50

Pair of slightly wonky old soft metal dolls house cups, look good hanging from dresser hooks. Height approx 2.5 cms. £4.50 for the pair

  Cooking pot, measures end to end 5.5 cms. The pot has some dents as does the lid, so condition as found/with flaws. £5.50

Pair of old wooden bowls for the dolls house. Paint loss, so have a "worn" look to them. Largest bowl measures approx 3 cms across. £8.50 the pair

A  large old metal tray suitable for the older dolls house, length 10.5 cms. £6.50

  Large scale old metal colander for the older dolls house, measures approx 5.5 cms across at the widest point. £8.50

  Old china dish for the dolls house, larger scale, measures approx 3.5 cms across. £4.50

 Large scale heavy metal iron. Length just under 4 cms. £9.50 

  Old blue metal large scale dustpan? Length 7 cms. £6.50

  Small metal dolls house iron. Length approx 2.5 cms. £5.50

Old wooden plate/breadboard, suitable for the older dolls house. Measures 5 cms across. £8.50

 Another of these lovely old metal graters for the older dolls house. Height approx 5.5 cms. £6

The Dolls House Bathroom

 Late 19th/early 20th Century painted metal washstand, some paint loss and rust spots compatible with an old item.  height approx 11.5 cm. £38

Early 20th Century china bathroom set, a chip to front of toilet. Length of bath 12 cms. £16 the set

Heavy cast metal bath, possibly a sample, but suitable for a dolls house.
 Length 13.5 cms. Height approx 5 cms £22

base of bath - with writing

  Late 1950s/early 1960s pink painted wooden bathroom set. Length of bath approx 11 cms. £22 the set

 1930s Fairylite painted metal bathroom sink - height just over 6 cms to the top of the splash-back £8.50 

  Early 20th Century celluloid soap dish with tiny piece of soap. Measures approx 2.5 cms across. £16

 The Dolls House Bedroom

  Typical 1930s bedroom set, wardrobe lower hinge needs fixing, comes with set of later handmade bedding. Length of bed 16 cms, height of wardrobe just over 14 cms. £25 the set

1930s/1940s wooden bedroom suite

 Bed, dressing table, stool and wardrobe (above) Height of wardrobe 12.5 cms. Some wear/damage to the end of the bed (see above) £22 the set

Comes with chest of drawers, which is sadly missing a drawer (above)

   1950's dark wood Doltoi bedroom cupboard. Height approx 7.5 cms. £12.50

 Stained wood rocking chair, suitable for the bedroom or nursery. Height just under 6 cms. £4.50

F 206  Pretty little faded floral old quilt scrap suitable for dolls house use. Yellow on reverse (below)
Size approx 9 x 7 cm. £4.50

  Large scale old painted metal bed with mattress and old net detail. Length of bed 15 cms, height 9.5 cms, width just over 8 cms. £38

Wardrobe in a similar style to the chest of drawers below, height 9.5 cms. £10.50

 Stained wood chest of drawers, possibly by Twiggs? Height 5.5 cms. £10.50

 1960s painted wooden pink Dol toi drop side cot. Length 6.5 cms. £6.50 - reserved

  Small old dark stained wooden cupboard with very faint markings on the front which may have been the outline of windows, so may have originally been a dolls house for the dollhouse nursery? A clever person with a steady hand might be able to restore this.... height 7 cms. £10

 The Nursery

  Hand painted/homemade wood train (painted both sides) nice item for a boy's dolls house bedroom. length 4.5 cms. £8.50

  Erzgebirge early 20th Century painted wooden house with wavy blue line decoration, 6 cm high. £5

  Old metal painted baby, approx 2.5 cms high. Paint loss/damage/as seen £8.50

A vintage dolls house plastic baby doll with baby bath. Doll approx 3 cms tall. £3.50

 1950s/1960s cute little baby in painted wooden pram. Length of pram just under 5 cms. £15.00

A small painted wood cot by Dol toi, appears to have been overpainted. Height 4 cms. £4.50

1960s Doli Toi yellow painted wooden drop-side cot. Height 6 cms £6.50

 A  painted wooden high chair. Height just over 7 cms. £6.50

Early 20th Century Erzgebirge small blue painted wooden house, makes a good dolls house in the older dolls house nursery. Height 4.5 cms. £5

 Quirky boxed china potty. £8.50

 1960s Dol toi unusual nursery dolls house double sided blackboard, approx height 6.5 cms. £8.50

  1930s child's green wooden high chair, marked Foreign on the base. Height 9 cm. £12.50

 1960s Dol toi painted wooden desk, height 6.5 cms. £12.50

Doll House Accessories

  Vintage china Limoges candle stick for the dolls house, height approx 2 cm. £10.50

  Little bunch of fabric flowers, total length approx 5 cm. £4.50 - reserved pending payment

miniature book from France, size approx 2 x 3 cm. £5

  19th Century photographic portrait in original frame and (damaged) case. As you can see below when the photograph is removed from it's case there are white areas/clear glass, this doesn't show if placed against a dark wall in a dolls house. £12

 An old red and white crochet basket for the dolls house, suitable for sewing basket or a small log basket in a bedroom. Length approx 5 cm. £12

Old picture from France under glass. Size 5.5 x 6.5 cms £15

Old small scale painted metal plant in a pot, height approx 2 cm. £16.50

  Pair of metal and brass fire dogs, with the words Clare Bell Brass underneath (obviously the maker). Height approx 3.5 cms. £8.50 the pair

 Pink metal Doltoi 1960s plates and wooden plate rack, each plate measures just under 1.5 cms across. £14.50

  Small metal Whitbread tankard, just over 1.5 cms high £5

 Painted metal telephone - as seen/paint loss. £22 - sold

 1970s/80's Caroline's Home white metal accessories. Height of candle stick 2 cms. £5.50 for the 3 items

 Round metal frame with mirror. Measures 8 cms across. Perfect in the old large scale dolls house. £15.50

 Blue and white Oriental ceramic vase and dried flowers. Height of vase 7.5 cms. £5.50

Metal "Galleon" ship wall plate, measures 3.5 cms across. £6.50 

FGT and sons painted metal dolls house heater with red flex, height just under 3 cm . £18.50

 1960s brass dolls house accessories, probably Barton, bedwarmer is 5 cms in height. £4.50 for the set

 Old handmade cross stitch knitting bag, height to top of  handle approx 5 cms. £10

 Useful little lace mat, 4.5 x 4.5 cms. £2.50

 Pair of old metal/brass curtain rods. Length approx 12.5 cms. £25 the pair

 1920s/1930s soft metal radio and head set, missing the glass bulb from the top and headphones are a little distorted/bent. £24

 A small bisque figure - approx 3.5 cms tall. £4.50

Larger scale 1930s  metal cake stand, made in Germany (detail below) Height just over 2 cms


1950s Kaybot plaster fruit and bowl, measures 3.5 cms across. £20 - sold

Painted wooden candle stick, height just over 3 cms (without candle) £4.50

  Old pressed glass fruit bowl (above) £8.50

Old pressed glass plate and matching jug (above) £8.50 the pair

 1970's miniature "Punch" (only one page) distributed by Dol toi for dolls houses - size 2.5 x 3 cm (closed) £1 each

Little clay figures from Japan, make great little dolls house ornaments. Height approx 1.5 cms. £8.50 the pair

  Small china basket from France. Height just over 2 cms. Makers mark on base (below) £8.50

 Painted red metal coal bucket, made in England by Britains, height approx 4.5 cms £14

  1930s German metal Art Deco mantle clock, height 2.5 cms. £25.00

Turned wood "bottle" - height 4.5 cms. £5

  Unusual metal item from Rotterdam, possibly 1950s? Height 4 cms. £8.50

  Bunch of small millinery flower stamens. £3.50

  Glass cake stand, height just under 4 cms. £12

Barretts 1960s mint in box fish tank. Height of fish tank 1.5 cms. £14

1960s silver coloured plastic coffee set with tray. Coffee pot just over 2 cms high. £3.50 the set

1960s Barton wooden mantel clock with paper face, height just under 2 cms £4.50

 1960s dolls house accessories inc "fake" books. £4.50 the lot

 Vintage Lundby dolls house lamp, height 5 cm. Has wiring and bulb, but not been tested. £10

1920s/1930s black metal large scale telephone, height approx 3 cm. £12

 The Dolls House Dining Room

Old green short pile velvet, perfect for dollshouse carpet (see above). Measures approx 26 x 22 cms. £5.00

  A 1930s painted and stained wood sideboard, probably German - height just over 11 cm, width 15 cm, depth 5 cm. £38

  Set of old painted wood dolls house furniture from France with dog motif decoration. Sideboard measures 13 cms wide, 8 cms high and 4 cms deep.

 Table height 5 cms, detail of top of table below

  Pair of chair, one on the right has some damage to the top (see below) £38 the set

1950s Barton dining room table, height just over 4 cm. £5.50

The Dolls House Sitting Room or Parlour

 Pair of 1920's/1930s fretwork dolls house chairs with red card seats. Height to top of chair 6 cms. £20 the pair

Early 20th Century Schneegas upright piano, sadly missing half the lid which covers the keys. Height just under 10 cms. £24

Quirky home made wooden dolls house dresser with opening drawers, height 18 cms. £10

  1950s/early 1960s Barton Tudor wooden dolls house chair, height to top 8 cms. This range of furniture works well in Triang houses of an earlier date (eg 1930s) £18

  1930s Deco style wooden red and green sofa and chair. Height to back of sofa 5 cms. £18 the pair

 Small piece of old cross stitch, suitable for use in older dolls houses. size 19 x 19 cm. £12 - sold

 1940s/1950s Strombecker wooden flock covered sofa, chair and foot stool, height to back of sofa 7 cm. £24 the set

 Lovely old early 20th Century dolls house chair, height 9.5 cms. Some damage and repairs, see below. £16

  Quirky vintage "make do and mend" dolls house chair made from seeds and old fabric. Height to back of chair just over 5 cms. £6.50

view from underneath

  Early 20th Century small wooden cupboard, small area of hinge damage (bottom right corner - see above). Height just over 6 cms. £12

 Woven red and black fringed wool rug made from old tapestry, measures approx 18 x 8 cms. £7.50

1930s wooden Pit-a-Pat Fireplace with metal grate. Height 8 cms, width 11.5 cms. £28

  Metal Taylor and Barrett fireside companion set, includes fire screen, coal bucket and poker and shovel on a stand. Height of fire screen 4.5 cms. £35 the set

 1950's/1960's painted wooden fireplace. Height just under 7 cms. £6.50

  Early 20th century metal fireplace - height 10 cms £10.50 

 FGT and sons gas fire, height just over 6 cms. Super item for the older dolls house. £22.50

Fab late 1950s/early 1960s red rexine covered sofa, length 15 cms, height 6 cms. £16

 1960s wooden tile-effect fireplace. Height 5.5 cms £5.50

late 1950s/early 1960s plaster fireplace. Height approx 6.5 cms. Some small chips to the plaster. £8.50

  Black metal coal scuttle, height (excluding handle) approx 7 cms £5.50 

 An old American heavy cast metal gold chair, height just under 10 cm. £15

The Miniature Garden

Set of old dolls house wicker garden furniture with fabric covered seats, height to the back of the chair just over 8 cms. £25.00 the set

F 9  Pink fabric millinery flower £4.50

  Small bunch of white/cream flowers. £3.50

  Collection of Britains floral garden items, including the blue "dibber" (below), hosepipe, standpipe, sprinkler, roller, 4 flower beds and an assortment of plants. £18 the lot

John Hill painted metal dog kennel, height just over 4 cms. £10.50

 1960s Britains Floral Garden greenhouse with internal shelves, 1 crazy paving slab and pots. Greenhouse roof is missing the small internal clips, but can be secured in place with sellotape or glue. £5.50

 Pair of plastic plants in ceramic pots. Height approx 8,5 cms. Perfect for the dolls house terrace/roof garden. £4.50 the pair

  Old flowers in a toothpaste lid pot,  probably made by a child in the 1950s or 1960s, height approx 5.5. cms. £6.50

  Old flowers in a toothpaste lid pot,  probably made by a child in the 1950s or 1960s,  £5.50  - sold

  Three miniature roses in an old plastic lid, probably made by a child in the 1950s or 1960s. Height approx 4 cms. £5.50

Pair of 1950s Dol toi flowers in pots £5 the pair

  Britains painted cast metal milkmaid (or washerwoman!) height just under 4 cms. £10

The Linen Cupboard and Household Textiles

 Little red hat, trimmed with a tiny feather, measure approx 4 cm across. £8.50 - reserved pending payment

 Early 20th Century wardrobe, missing the door, but makes a great open fronted armoire to stack all your miniature textiles! Height just over 13 cms. £18

  F 111 Old faded floral quilt off cut suitable for dolls house beds ( plain underside below) Size approx 13 x 11 cm. £5

 Pair of pretty handmade paisley cushions for the dolls house. Approx 4 x 4 cms. £4.50 the pair

  25 small Suffolk puffs made up of late 19th and early 20th Century fabrics, each measures approx 3 cm across. £15 - reserved pending payment

F 73 small piece of old floral patterned cotton, size 22 x 17 cm. £6

Pair of old, lace edged dolls house bedcovers, each measures approx 8.5 x 7 cms. £8.50 the pair

F 202 a lovely old piece of floral printed French cotton. Width 74 cm x 34 cm. £20

  F 113 Old scrap of  quilt fabric, perfect for dolls house beds (dark pink underside below) size approx 12 x 7 cm £3.50

  F 200 Beautiful old scrap of Vintage French fabric, size 32 x 24 cm. £10 (detail below)

F 207  Lovely old quilt scrap, perfect for dolls house projects. Measures approx 8 x 9.5 cm. £4

  Little blue patterned old dolls house rug, approx 9 x 5 cms. 8.50

Little red prayer mat for the dollhouse, missing some of the red fringing, size approx 9 x 5 cms. £5

  Small piece old crazy patchwork, perfect for small projects, measures approx 33 cms long by 16 cms (with a shaped edge) £8.50

 Card of tiny buttons, each measures just over half a centimetre across. £5.50

 Set of 3 cigarette card silks, each measures approx 7 x 4.5 cms. £4.50 for the 3

Piece of old fabric suitable for vintage dolls house projects. Measures 32 x 19 cms. £5.50

 Length of printed tape, 98 cms x just under 2 cms. £12

Colourful little mat for the dolls house , missing some of the yellow fringing. Size approx 9 x 5 cms. £5

 Dolls costume (dress, apron and headdress) length of dress from shoulder to hem 13 cms. £4.50

A length of printed/woven faded old rose fabric, suitable for projects. Length 68 cms x just under 10 cms wide . £10

  Finely woven miniature rug suitable for dolls house (detail below) Size 16 cms long, including the fringing and 9.5 cms wide. £10

  Cross stitch wool rug for the dolls house (detail below) measures 21 x 6 cms. £4.50

 1930s short pile sofa fabric (also known as cut moquette), great in period dolls houses for sitting rooms or bedrooms - measures 38 x 41 cms £15

Very old and worn "Bear skin" dolls house rug - probably 1930s, made as a copy to the commercially made one by Triang. Length approx 14 cms £8.50

Little pink and red patterned rug, missing all the fringing. Size approx 9 x 5 cms. £5

 14 old Patchwork Hexagons backed on paper, £16.50

  Old square of blue and white cross stitch, suitable as a bedroom rug in an old dolls house. 9 x 9 cms square. Has a small area of damage (see below) £3.50

 Length of blue embroidered silk (may have been a book mark) 16 x 2 cms approx £4.50

Furniture for the Older Dolls House

Late 19th Century keyboard and drawers, useful for restoration projects £8.50 the lot

Larger scale wooden tea time stand, height just under 12 cms. £22 - sold

  Pair of 19th Century Walterhausen dolls house chairs, have been recovered in soft grey velvet (would have been silk originally). One chair also missing a back strut. Height to back of chairs 8 cm. £40 the pair

  Large early 20th Century scale gilt mirror, suitable for the older dolls house. Measures approx 12 x 8 cm. £40

 Two panel folding wooden screen, probably 1930s or 1940s. There are nail holes down one side, so may have had another panel. Height 12 cms. £12

  Early 20th Century soft metal folding sewing basket. A fragile/delicate item with some paint loss and bend to the metal legs. Height approx 8 cm. £44

Schneegas or also known as Yellow Cherry chair, as found/missing arm struts, in need of restoration but still a charming piece. Height approx 13 cms. £10

 Early 20th Century dolls house chair (front and back view). Height to top approx 8.5 cms. £12.00

  1920s/30s painted cast metal T and B fire and hearth, height 7.5 cm. Some paint loss, but general condition for one of these is fair/good. £48

  Early 20th small scale metal table - height 3.5 cms £12

  German 1920s/1930s metal coffee table, height just over 5 cm. £38

  Old card and paper decoupage screen for the dolls house, showing both sides- height 9 cm. £28

Wooden dolls house cupboard with mirror and opening door, some marks on the top, may have had a shelf on the top?  These marks could be disguised with polish. Height just over 7 cms. £10

 Little bamboo chair for the older dolls house, a bit wobbly in places height 8.5 cms. £3.00

  19th Century Waltershausen chair, height to back of chair 8 cms. £48

1930s Queen Anne Period Triang ladder back style chair. Missing original cushion, but has a suitable replacement. £25

  Early 20th Century metal dressing table, small scale, height to top of mirror just under 7 cms. £12.50

19th century American Stevens and Brown cast metal dolls house chair (overpainted) Height to back of chair 9.5 cms £15

Dolls House Dolls

  Grecon doll, height approx 6 cms. Face is faded and general condition is "played with". £16

  An old Dutch wooden doll in need of much restoration (missing both arms and one leg) Length just under 9 cms. £25

  Lovely old dolls house dolly with painted wooden head and pipe cleaner limbs, height approx 5 cms. £12

  Pair of old small bisque dolls, probably date from the early 20th Century. Height approx 5 cms. £60 the pair

19th Century Frozen Charlotte china doll - approx 3 cms high - £12

  Old dolls house doll made up from an old china head, old homemade clothes and modern replacement lower legs. Height approx 16 cms £18

 Grecon boy dolls house doll with metal feet (no label). Height approx 6 cms. £15.50

1920's/1930's celluloid dolls and furniture - table leg is wonky and there are a few dents compatible with the age of these items. £20 for the set. Height of figures approx 5 cms

 Little vintage bisque china dolls house doll. Height approx 7 cms £12

  Caco male dolls house doll in original clothes, height just over 14 cms £22.50

Caco dolls house doll circa 1970s, 13 cms high. £20.50

 1970s rubber/latex doll with original clothes. Height approx 10 cms. £5.50

Caco dolls house doll, with metal feet and original clothing, height 13 cms. £22.50

 1960s Jenny's Home dolls house doll, height just under 11 cms £20

1970s latex dolls house doll, height approx 10 cms (dress not original) £5.50

1960s ARI or "Jason" doll, 7.5 cms high £6.50 (needs new clothes)

Christmas Time

  Very small vintage Xmas tree with gold base for a small scale dolls house. Height 6 cms. £8.50 - reserved

 Ten gold and red Xmas baubles on wires, each bauble approx 2 cms from end to end. £10 the lot

Early 20th Century silk image mounted on thin card, with a verse and Xmas flowers. Measures approx 14 x 10 cms. £4.50

  Early 20th Century silk mounted on card, with the words "Bright and Blest thy Christmas be". size approx 12 x 14 cms. £6.50

 Wrapped boxes to go under the tree, measure just under 3 cms across. £3.50

 Plastic Christmas tree in a plastic pot with over-sized decorations, could be improved with some extra decorations. Height approx 15 cms. £5.50

Two strands of twisted foil decoration, each approx 30 cm and 20 cm long and 5 cm wide. £5 the pair

 Little French bisque china figure of an angel with blue wings, height 6.5 cm. £12

 small flower, made up from paste stones. £4

Early 20th Century silk Xmas verse. Not mounted on card and slightly creased. Approx 13 x 10 cms. £2.00

 Vintage plaster Father Xmas cake figure circa 1950s/1960s, height just over 4 cm. £6.50

 Old Toadstool Xmas cake decoration, height approx 2 cm. £6.50

 Late 1950s Eastern European Xmas tree with original decorations, suitable for a vintage dolls house. Height 17.5 cms. £18 - sold

Dolls House Pets

1960s plastic dog, puppies and kennel, length of kennel 2.5 cms to give an idea of scale. £8.50 the set

  1960s plastic cat, kittens and basket set. £8.50

Dolls House Food and Drink

 1960s Triang spot-on moulded plastic food on plates.length of oval plate with fish on approx 3.5 cms. £8.50 the pair

  1960s moulded plastic food on plates, measures just over 2 cms across. £8.50 for 3

Selection of teatime plaster biscuits on a plate (fixed not loose) , Kaybot 1950s. £20 

Dolls House Kitchen items

1960s dolls house  teaset of silver coloured plastic, length of teapot from handle to spout is approx 4 cm to give an idea of scale. £4.50 the set

Wooden dolls house cutlery tray. 4 cm long. £5

1960s Barretts mint in box toaster and toast £14

  1960s playworn Doltoi teaset (could be repainted) £8.50

 Collection of 1960s plastic dolls house glasses, dishes etc, some damage. £4.50 the lot

 Pair of old Dol toi painted metal pans form the 1950s/60s. Both measure approx 3.5 cms in length. £5.50 the pair

Set of red and cream plastic 1960s dolls house kettle and pans. £5.50 the lot

 A set of silver coloured plastic 1960s dolls house accessories, height of vase approx 1.5 cms. £4.50 the lot

Caroline's Home Dolls House Furniture

 Caroline's Home cooker. Height 8 cms. £10.50

 Caroline's Home Electrolux vacuum cleaner, height just over 7 cms. £8.50. Condition very good/mint

 Barton/Caroline's Home fridge and contents in new/mint condition. £10


  Caroline's Home plastic dining room set, some white marks on the side of 2 of the chairs (have been stored away for many years) could be disguised with brown felt pen or paint.... £12 the set

 Caroline's Home larder cupboard, height just over 13 cms. £10

 Caroline's home washing machine, new/mint condition. £10

A pair of Caroline's Home kitchen cupboards, height just over 13 cms. One drawer knob missing, otherwise good clean condition. £10 the pair

  Tiny Treasures

  Lovely old Kensitas Pansy flower silk in original folder with verse. Measures 7.5 x 5 cms approx (closed) £4.50

  Lovely old Kensitas Snowdrops flower silk in original folder with verse. Measures 7.5 x 5 cms approx (closed) £4.50

 Religious metal charm from France, height approx 2 cms. £4.50

Part of a 19th Century Victorian mourning brooch, could be used in an old dolls house. Length just over 2 cms £6.50

  Old cast metal guitar from France, length approx 5 cms. £6.50

Tiny filigree bucket, height approx 1.5 cms. £5.50

Old soft metal small mirror for the dolls house, measures approx 2.5 x 2.5 cms. £22 - reserved pending payment


Dol toi pale wood kitchen table, height 4.5 cms. £5.50


  1960s Barton Radiogram. Height just over 5 cms. £10.50

  set of 4 1960s wooden dolls house chairs. Height to back of chair 6 cms. £6.50 for the four

 1960s  plain wood dining table. Height 4.5 cms. £5.50

  1960's wooden TV with paper screen, height just under 4 cms. £4.50

  1960s wooden Dol toi side table or pan stand? Height 4 cms. £6.50

  1950s/60's wooden bookcase with cream and red fake books. Height 5.5 cms. £8.50

  1960's Dol toi wooden double bed, length just over 11 cms. £8.50

Dolls House Wallpaper

Not sure if this is 1950s or 60s? But have used it in restoring old dolls houses in the past to good effect. 2m x 56 cms £19.00  including sturdy card tube and postage

  1950s, or possibly earlier pale pink lattice design wallpaper suitable for dolls house restoration projects . Over 2 metres for £20.00 - which includes postage and packing in a sturdy card tube

Just over 3m funky 70s wallpaper £10 plus postage in sturdy card tube (£9) =total £19

1950s ? or earlier... Pale pink wallpaper suitable for dolls house restoration projects 2 m for £19.00 includes postage and packing in a sturdy card tube  

1960s Triang Spot-on and Jenny's Home items

Hard to find mid 1960s Triang wooden bedroom furniture in need of repairs and restoration. Bed is missing 2 legs, the stool is missing one leg, wardrobe doors are wobbly/broken. £5 the lot

1960s Spot-on standard lamp (non working) Height 10 cms. £10.50

1960s Triang/Jenny's Home plastic bookcase with metal stand, sliding doors and faux books. Height 6 cms. £10

Quirky Collectables

 French  plaster scene of "L'Appartition" - height 13 cm. £18

Small size late 19th/early 20th Century china Religious figure from France. Height 9.5 cms. £16

1940s  ceramic wedding cake figure from France. Some wear/paint loss.  Height 8 cms. £25 -sold

 writing on base

 Old embossed card cut out rose from France, measures approx 7 cms across. £4.50

Old bunch of millinery flowers/fruit, as seen measuring approx 9 cms end to end. £3.50 - reserved pending payment

  Old hollow doll face (see below) with glass eyes, length just over 7 cms. £5.50

tiny old doll figure made from a bead and a seed, height just over 3 cms. £6.50

  Quirky old doll figure in need of work/restoration and love! Height from head to weighted stand 18 cms. £4

  An old, probably 1950s clip earring in the form of a flying duck, made from real feathers, length approx 2.5 cms. £3.50

  Little lace butterfly brooch, measures approx 3.5 cms across. £2.50

  Little embroidered brooch from France, makes a good dolls house picture, height just under 4.5 cms. £4.50

  Doll size metal powder compact, measures approx 3 cms across £5.50

  Vintage blue plastic swan from France, height 6 cms. £6

 Small string of old French iridescent beads, length approx 30 cms. £4.50

 A  metal model helmet, a nice little item for a dolls house study. Height just under 3 cms. £10

 A  little embroidered wall hanging from France, length excluding hook 5 cms. £6.50

  "D" vintage toy block with a Deer on it. 3 x 3 x 3 cm. £3

Old moulded wax head, makes a good mannequin in an old dolls house shop. Height just under 4 cms. £12

 A sepia photo of an Edwardian lady in a pretty metal frame. Measures approx 5 x 6 cms. £18

  Old over-painted overmantel mirror, or part of a washstand. ? Gottschalk or similar? Height 6.5 cms £12

 A length of small black beads, approx 10 cms long, each bead approx .5 cm across. £4.50

 small old wooden toy block with a chick on it. 3 x 3 x 3 cm. £3

 A tiny box containing paper cut-out dolls clothes and doll. This is not a very old item, possibly 10 years old. Box just under 3 cms long.  £10.00 - sold

  Paper cut out doll from France, she measures 12 cms high. £8.50

Wendt and Kuhn Figures from Germany (and other wooden figures)

Figure of an angel with spotty wings, height 5.5 cms. £20

Painted wooden figure of a boy on a brass base, 6 cms tall. £5

  Kneeling painted wooden figure. Height just under 5 cm. £10

Set of 4 painted wooden figures, height 6 cm. £80 for the set of 4

More Dolls house Kitchen items................

  Four table settings, old metal dolls house cutlery. Small scale, length of a knife is 3.5 cms. £16 the set

  Larger scale old wire cutlery basket. Length 6,5 cms. Condition is slightly crushed at one end. £8.50

  large scale mixed cutlery £4.50

  Early 20th Century soft metal hotplate, length 7 cms. £28

Time for Tea

Painted yellow metal tea set, height of teapot 3 cms. £28 the set

 A  set of 4 old soft metal cups and saucers (close up below) larger scale. £10 the set of 4

Set of old turned wood cups and saucers etc. The cups have been stuck to the saucers. Height of jug approx 2.5 cms. £10 the set

Old china teaset, marked Foreign on the base, missing teaspot lid and only one cup. Length of tray 8.5 cm £10.50

Early 20th Century painted turned wood tea set. Ochre coloured background with naive painted flower decoration. Height of tea pot approx 3 cm. Some paint loss, no sugar bowl lid and one cup is missing its handle. £38

1930's Art Deco Dolls house items

  1930s Jacqueline  Deco style metal sofa and matching table and sideboard, length of table 11.5 cms £20  the two items

1930s Holdfast painted metal sofa and 2 chairs, some wear (see photo below). Height to top of sofa just under 6 cm. £22 the set - sold

1930s metal table with pale green top, height 5.5 cm. £8.50

 Metal litho print chair with roses, height just under 8 cms. £10

 1930s  "Holdfast" set of metal dining room furniture, two of the chairs are missing their curved backs (see below) and there is wear to the paint finish. Height of table just under 6 cm. £25 the set

Miscellaneous  items

Another  late 1950s/early 1960s pink painted wood bathroom set, height to the top of the sink 6 cms. The back of the items has glue marks so may have been stuck into place in a dolls house or original package. £25 the set

 Modern plain wooden kitchen ladder, could be painted a nice old fashioned colour to fit into a vintage dolls house. Height approx 8.5 cm. £8.50

  Set of 1960's Tofa wooden dolls house furniture £28 the lot

 Please email me on if interested. Many Thanks, Lizzie