Friday, 18 January 2019

The Older or Antique Dolls House

Welcome to my sales blog, just scroll down the page to see the latest listings.Please email me at if you have any questions and interested in buying. Prices shown, plus postage. Please note that these are collectors items, not toys. If an item is marked as sold, please email as I may have a similar/same item for sale. Many thanks, Lizzie

The Dolls House Drawing Room or Parlour

  Pair of 19th Century Walterhausen dolls house chairs, have been recovered in soft grey velvet (would have been silk originally). One chair also missing a back strut. Height to back of chairs 8 cm. £40 the pair

F 266 old cross stitch square suitable for dolls house use. Size 17.5 x 18.5 cm £12

19th Century Waltershausen chair, height to back of chair 8 cms. £48

418 - set of blue painted metal fire irons. £16.50

 592 - late 19th Century photographic image in soft metal frame. There is considerable damage to this piece, but when placed against a black background the image is clear (see above) £10.50

1041 - Czechoslovakian glass old flower pot with fruit and leaf arrangement £16.50 - reserved

 1034 - Early 20th Century white china jug. £16.50 - reserved pending payment

  Early 20th Century soft metal folding sewing basket. A fragile/delicate item with some paint loss and bend to the metal legs. Height approx 8 cm. £44

1054 - tiny pair of scissors, approx 3 cm long. £8.50

 Lovely old early 20th Century dolls house chair, height 9.5 cms. Some damage and repairs, see below. £16

Early 20th Century Schneegas upright piano, sadly missing half the lid which covers the keys. Height just under 10 cms. £18

B 48 Early 20th Century German Art Nouveau wood frame, could be used as mirror or picture frame. Size approx 8 x 6.5 cm £28

  Large early 20th Century scale gilt mirror, suitable for the older dolls house. Measures approx 12 x 8 cm. £40

 Pair of old metal/brass curtain rods. Length approx 12.5 cm. £24 the pair

  Pair of 1920's/1930s fretwork dolls house chairs with red card seats. Height to top of chair 6 cms. £20 the pair

  Early 20th century brass metal fireplace - height 10 cm £10.50

   An old American heavy cast metal gold chair, height just under 10 cm. £15

1068 - old wooden flower pot and plant, Height approx 4 cm.  £10.50 - reserved

  The Early 20th Century French Salon

  B 27 lovely old pressed soft metal decorative trim, as seen on fireplace above. Length 30 cm. £18 - reserved pending payment

Just under 2m old French block print wallpaper £20 plus P and P in a sturdy card tube (please email me for postage quote)

    This beautiful set of French furniture is for sale as a complete collection. £260.00

 rear of the piano (above)

  Sofa and table....

 Two carver style chairs

  Piano stool...

  Two further chairs complete the set...

 B 49 late 19th/early 20th Century gilt metal clock with glass front and sides, some gilt loss and a dark mark on the back mirror under the clock face (see above) but otherwise fair condition for an item of this age. £68 - reserved pending payment

1039 - Bristol blue glass vase, I am unsure of the age of this little vase. I have had it for many years and I bought it in The China Doll miniatures shop in Bath in the 1980s. £12

  F 267 Early 20th Century Art Nouveau gilt metal frame with mirror. Some damage to mirror (see above and below) £38 - reserved pending payment

  F 269 small late 19th Century soft metal frame with later hanging hoop, with black and white photographic image £18 - reserved pending payment

 1040 - an old but pretty rather battered china flower arrangement in a ceramic pot, has damage (see below) £8.50

 Round metal frame with mirror. Measures 8 cms across. Perfect in the old large scale dolls house. £14.50

 B 38 An old small brass lantern with the letters WOLR on the side £22 reserved

 1064 - Old ceramic figure with a dog at her feet, height 5 cm. £12

  1052 - very small round picture, approx 2 cm across. Back view below. £8.50

  591 - a round piece of embroidery (back shown below) could be made into a cushion for the dolls house or seat cover. £8.50

 Blue and white Oriental ceramic vase and dried flowers. Height of vase 7.5 cms. £5.50

The Dolls House Kitchen

  A very old metal fireplace for a dolls house, the front of the grate has come away slightly on the left side (see below) but is fine when in-situ. Height just over 8 cms, width 11 cms at the widest point. £28

 Black metal coal scuttle, height (excluding handle) approx 7 cm £5.50 

 Kitchen rug, made from old woven fabric. Perfect in the older dolls house. Measures 12.5 x just over 9 cm. £8.50 - reserved

1051 - Pair of early 20th Century black pans. larger one is just over 4 cm long from end to end. £10 the pair

 Small wooden fireside footstool, height 2.5 cms. £6.50

B 13 a brown and ochre patterned fireside rug £8.50

  Old tin, great for the older large scale dolls house. Height 5 cms. £8.50

 Large scale heavy metal iron. Length just under 4 cms. £8.50 

 741 Square blue and grey cross stitch fireside rug, approx 9 x 9 cm £4

100    Four old brass candlesticks, the tallest is 3.5 cm. £6.50 for the 4

 921 -  1920s/1930s metal and wood carpet sweeper. Height approx 10 cm. £48 - reserved pending payment

 1042 - pottery bowl and contents, which include handmade ceramic lettuce, carrots, parsnips and a beetroot. £18.50 - reserved pending payment

 1050 - large scale early 20th Century white bisque china jug with flower design, height approx 4.5 cm. £16.50

  96 - Copy of an old cardboard box containing realistic handmade (? fimo) carrots. £15.50

706 - another small item which I have had in the dolls house for many years, a wicker shopping basket £8.50

858 - old brass dolls house grate, height just under 8 cm, width 8 cm. £24

1024 - late 19th Century/early 20th Century large scale lobster on old metal dish. Length just under 9 cm. £22.50 

 Painted red metal coal bucket, made in England by Britains, height approx 4.5 cms £14

 1056 - wicker pet basket, measures approx 5 cm across. £5

 B 28. Old, early 20th Century green tin bath with gold stripe, as seen/rust spots and are compatible with age. Looks great in an old dolls house kitchen as there would have been no bathroom. £20

 419 - pair of old china dishes. £8.50

ZZ84 -  Pretty china jug decorated with roses, height just over 2.5 cm. £5.50

 B 31 Old composition Scottie dog, old damage to front leg (has been glued - see below) £8.50

594 - Early 20th Century china jug with transfer design. £8.50

73 - Old china dog suitable for the dolls house. £12

 An old glass soda siphon for the older dolls house. Height just over 5 cms. £6.50

Metal claret jug (missing its glass centre). Height approx 7 cms. £7.50

 B 32 Royal Worcester old fine china mixing bowl, height approx 2 cm. £8.50

 14 - An old heavy miniature dog ?not sure what the metal is, but it is heavy so will probably require his own box if posted. £16.50

F 240 small scale cast metal dolls house coffee pot £5.50

   F 270 An early plastic cockerel, some distortion/damage to feet (see below) but can still stand. £10.50

 B 29 Old small blue ceramic jug £8.50 - reserved pending payment

 B 40 Larger scale painted metal high chair. £18.50

 Old painted wooden table for the smaller scale dolls house, green/blue colour. Height 5 cm. £10

   Lovely old pottery jug (showing both sides). Height just under 2 cm. £10

Unusual old metal wall hanging item for the dolls house. Height 5.5 cms. £5.50

 B 30 bowl of dog food - £3 - reserved

 334 Old metal scoop. £5 - reserved pending payment

 Old painted wooden jug, height 2.5 cms. £4.50

China gravy boat with silver leaf pattern, length just under 4 cms. £4.50

An old Ironstone china jug, height just under 3 cms. £5.50

Pair of old wooden bowls for the dolls house. Paint loss, so have a "worn" look to them. Largest bowl measures approx 3 cms across. £6.50 the pair

Wash Day Blues

   Early 20th Century cast metal mangle for the dolls house. Height approx 8 cm. Slight damage to the red pivot, see below. £68

  Vintage blue painted metal folding dolls house ironing board. Height approx 7 cm, length 15 cm. £24

  Small silver coloured metal dolls house iron. Length approx 2.5 cms. £5.50

  62-  Strombecker American painted wooden dolls house sink unit, non-opening drawers and cupboards, probably 1940s/1950s, Height to back of unit approx 6 cm. £12

Metal yellow painted dolls house iron, just under 3 cms long. £8.50

The Dolls House Dining Room

 Old green short pile velvet, perfect for dollshouse carpet (see above). Measures approx 26 x 22 cms. £5.00

836 Vintage ceramic pot with paper/wire plant, I have owned this for over 20 years, very suitable in a vintage dolls house setting. £16 - reserved pending payment

4 - A pair of 1920's Lines Brothers/Triangtois dining room chairs. Height to back of chairs just over 8 cm. £48

   A 1930s painted and stained wood sideboard, probably German - height just over 11 cm, width 15 cm, depth 5 cm. £38

Larger scale 1930s  metal cake stand, made in Germany (detail below) Height just over 2 cm


 Old pressed glass fruit bowl £8.50

1074 - old metal plate, some scratches/marks in the centre (see below) 4 cm across £8.50

 1061 - small metal jug, height approx 1.5 cm. £8.50

 1062 - round metal platter, 4 cm across. £8.50

 1066 - Early 20th Century metal cup with bird design, height just under 2 cm. £8.50

 880 An early 20th Century metal gravy boat for the dolls house £12

 835 Old metal platter for the dolls house £10 - reserved pending payment

881  Set of 3 early 20th Century metal plates £15.50 - reserved pending payment

 1060 - 1930s German Deco metal candlestick, height approx 1.5 cm.  £8.50

The Dolls House Bathroom

Heavy cast metal bath, possibly a sample, but suitable for a dolls house.
 Length 13.5 cms. Height approx 5 cms £22

 base of bath - with writing - above

  Early 20th Century celluloid soap dish with tiny piece of soap. Measures approx 2.5 cms across. £16

 Early 20th Century china bathroom set, a chip to front of toilet. Length of bath 12 cms. £16 the set

 Late 19th/early 20th Century painted metal washstand, some paint loss and rust spots compatible with an old item.  height approx 11.5 cm. £38

Bedding for the Older Dolls house

36 - late 19th/early 20th Century patchwork scrap £5

 F 207  Lovely old quilt scrap, perfect for dolls house projects. Measures approx 8 x 9.5 cm. £4

  Restoration Projects....

 841 -Late 19th Century keyboard and drawers, useful for restoration projects £5.50 the lot

 364 - Schneegas or also known as Yellow Cherry chair, as found/missing arm struts, in need of restoration but still a charming piece. Height approx 13 cms. £8.50