Saturday, 13 December 2014

Vintage fair dates 2015

I recently purchased some beautiful Vintage Nursery fabrics. These will be for sale on our stand at the fairs in 2015.

The first date is Tuesday the 6th  and Wednesday the 7th of January at the iacf Ardingly Antiques and Collectors fair in East Sussex. Closely followed by the iacf 3 day Antique and Collectors fair at The Bath and West showground near Shepton Mallet on the 16th to 18th January.

Next is the Giant Shepton Flea Market at The Bath and West Showground near Shepton Mallet, Somerset on Sunday 25th January. You can find our stall inside on the balcony above the clock.

 Into February....and we will be selling at The Hyson Textile Fair in The Mackarness Hall in Honiton on Tuesday 3rd Feb. Details on the website here.

Hope to see you somewhere soon!


  1. Hello Lizzie,
    Are you standing at Newark on Feb 5th? I have a friend of a friend who is looking to sell some vintage designer clothes and I said I would ask your advice. I have asked for details - names, labels etc. She actually lives near Ardingly so won't be visiting Newark herself.
    A little advice is all she asks - are they worthwhile, are there any vintage fairs in her area where she could sell them - or, if they are good enough, should she put them in an auction sale.
    I hope you don't mind me bothering you with this and hope you have a successful Ardingly!

  2. Hi Nilly, sorry only just seen this message. I am more than happy to advise on costume, please give her my details and we can get in touch with each other.